Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes
2013 “Old Glory” / Sunshine Drenchy Records (CD)
2012 “Last Day On Planet Earth” / Sunshine Drenchy Records (CD)
Ricky Wilcox
2003 “Monkeyshine” / Downtown Records (CD)
1991 “Bonecrusher” / Downtown Records (cassette)
Deloris Telescope
1994 “Xenolith” / Downtown Records (CD)
1993 “Coconut Head” (compilation) / Downtown Records  (cassette)
1993 “Eye Of The Chicken” compilation / Downtown Records (cassette)
1992 “Ting: The Virgin Island Sessions” / Downtown Records (cassette)
1991 “Dolorous” / Downtown Records (cassette)
1990 “Milk The Glory” / Downtown Records (cassette)
1988 “Tres Miserables” / Downtown Records (cassette)
1988 “Pink Mescaline”/”6UL-DV8” (45rpm single) / Downtown Records (vinyl)
1981 “Diamonds” (LP album) Spirit Records (vinyl)
Compilation/Various Artist Records:
2013 ‘Drive On’ (Ricky Wilcox) “Tales of Highways and Low Roads” WMNF-BAAMO compilation (CD)
2006 ‘Ronda Ronda’ (Ricky Wilcox)  “Power To The People” / WMNF-BAAMO compilation (CD)
1998 ‘Shiny New’ (Ricky Wilcox) “Open Mike” compilation / Thoroughbred Records (CD)
1996 ‘Love In Action’ (Dick and Feef) “Still There’s More 2” Todd Rundgren Tribute / Third Lock Records (CD)
1987 ‘Monkee See Monkee Do’ (Deloris Telescope) /”Tampa Smokes Vol. 2” / Pop Records (compilation) (vinyl)
1986 ‘It’s True’ (Deloris Telescope) / “Tampa Smokes Vol. 1” / Pop Records (compilation) (vinyl)