...about "Old Glory"

The Moonsnakes "popped" into the famous lair that is Zen Recording to record an EP before our drummer and good friend Rick Boucher relocated with his lovely family to Masssachusetts. Inspired by Rick's suggestion to cover the old Deloris Telescope nugget "Long Sleeve Shirts In The Summertime,"...this EP is a sort of tribute and reworking of some old DT classics including "Long Sleeve..", " It's True", "Two Birds," and a new song "I Like You Cuz You Look Like Me" which was a title Kacy Ross and I used to joke about  writing, and well- i did it. The leadoff track is a brand new Moonsnakes song titled "The End (Was Just The Start)". Bandmates Jim Brown , Steve Connelly, and Alex Wolfe-Parnes and I have finished up the project recently- we wanted to be sure and get Rick in on a bit of recorded legacy, as he's been a big part of this band over the last 2 years. We wish him the best of luck and much happiness in his new digs!

...a little history about the tunes

 Ricky Wilcox and The Moonsnakes Old Glory
(a re-imagining of some old Deloris Telescope tunes, and 2 new ones!)

The Moonsnakes/Old Glory players are:
Ricky Wilcox- lead vox/guitars/percussion
Steve Connelly- lead guitars
Jim Brown- bass/vocals
Rick Boucher- drums/vocals
Alex Wolfe-Parnes- drums (on “The End”)

a little history about the tunes...
The End (Was Just The Start)- the ‘new’ song of the batch, recently written and recorded, just to keep things honest! And also, I feel, somehow appropriate. Featuring new drummer Alex Wolfe-Parnes. (songwriter-Wilcox)

Long Sleeve Shirts In The Summertime- (then) this old Deloris Telescope ‘classic’ was never released before, and was one of DT’s heyday staples. (now) In 2012, upon the suggestion of Moonsnake drummer Rick Boucher, we started playing it live, and then decided to record it, and that’s what got the ball of wax rolling for this EP! (songwriters: Ross/Wilcox)

I Like You Cuz You Look Like Me- (then) a song title Kacy Ross and I used to joke about, concerning certain people’s yen for a mirror image significant other. And (now) realized, for better or worse, as a study of the mystical phenomena of mutual attraction for whatever reason! (songwriter: Wilcox)

2 Birds- (then) originally released on Deloris Telescope’s “Ting- The Virgin Island Sessions” in the early 90’s, DT spent 6 weeks on St. Thomas, USVI, doing a 6 night a week club gig at Barnacle Bill’s, in Charlotte Amalie. We had a 4 track cassette recorder and a mission to write and record only songs that were inspired by our experiences there, culminating in “Ting”…2 Birds was pretty much a true story- we had a couple of chirpy houseguests who built a nest in the living room of our band house. Other notable songs from “Ting” were the original version of “Drivin’ On The Left,” the notorious “Bloodbath at The Bandhouse” and one of my faves, “Stinky Girl,” which was actually about our adopted house dog…(now) The Moonsnakes had relearned 2 Birds for a specific animal themed concert, and so we decided to record it for this project… (songwriters: Ross/Wilcox/Grandmaison)

It’s True-
(then) originally released on vinyl (!) in 1987, was DT’s offering on the “Tampa Smokes” Compilation LP, along with many other popular Bay Area bands on Pop Records. That track featured then DT bassist Eddie Peccio, along with future bassist Stevie Grandmaison on harmonica. (now) a song I had been playing on my own for years, and I always liked, and we re-recorded it in a much simpler fashion for “Old Glory” (songwriter: Wilcox)

All songs c. 2013 (ASCAP/Otter Boy Music)
Produced by Ricky Wilcox & Steve Connelly
Recorded & engineered at Zen Studios, Pinellas Park, FL

...about the cover

brain fun: if you stare at the middle of the flag for 30 seconds then look at a white surface the flag will "reappear" in good old red, white, and blue! I remembered seeing this when I was a kid in "Life" magazine, and along with the obvious DT reference in the title it seemed a good time to recycle and reimagine some cool art!